kriya Sharir

Kriya Sharir is the subject that deals with the the basic concepts of Human Physiology in Ayurveda including fundamental principles, Siddhantas and clinical examination of normal individual which initiates the learning of Ayurveda for the students of first BAMS students and application of the same in practice for post graduate and phd students.

The subject also describes the fundamentals of physiology related to all organ systems along with the important links between these systems and the fundamental parameters related to physiology like basic elements of body such as dosh, dhatu and mal. It also describes detail knowledge special concepts like strotas, prakruti, aahar, avasthapak, vipak, agni, aatma, man, nidra etc.

Facuties Designation
Dr. Ravindra Bhurke HOD and Associate Professor
Dr. Kailas Sonmankar Associate Professor
Dr. Sayalee Videkar Assistant Professor
Dr. Kavita Bhagat Assistant Professor
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  • The department has Well equipped laboratory and museum with required equipment, instruments, charts, specimens and posters.
  • Department also has its library with various Books of different authors and dissertations
  • Department conducts Intra departmental PG seminars on regular basis
  • Department also conducts clinical posting for students to assess Prakriti, sara, Koshta and Agni of an individual.
  • Department also conducts clinical postings for agniparikshan, malparikshan, dosh dhatu mal vruddhi kshaya etc. And also modern practicals like, Haemoglobin estimation, RBC and WBC counting, Differential WBC counting etc.
Sr. no. Name Award
1. Dr. Kailas Sonmankar Ayushratna award in 2013
kriya Sharir 3
Papers Published
Sr.no Name of faculties Title of Article Name of Publication
1. Dr. Ravindra Bhurke A literary review: Raja (Upadhatu of Rasa) EJPR
    Concept of Asthi Dhatu –a review article WJPR
2. Dr. Kailas Sonmankar Review of Mantravidhi in vranapaschat karma and rakshavidhan Ayurlog
    Role of panchkarma in aamvata w.s.r. to systemic lupus erythematous: A case study Ayurlog
    Awareded by Ayushratna in 2013  
3. Dr. Sayalee Videkar The study of yogasana and pranayama according to doshaja prakruti WJPR
    Nidra- An ayurvedic prespective IJCRT
4. Dr. Kavita Bhagat Annam Vruttikaranam Shreshtham : Importance of diet in Bruhatrayi Ayurlog
Ongoing PG thesis
Sr.no Student name Thesis name
1. Uditi Dhaygude Across sectional study to determine the status of practice of aaharvidhividhan in students living in hostel having annavaha strotas dushti
2. Srushti Jadhav A cross sectional study to determine bala in student with deprivation of nidra due to competitive exam
3. Devshree Giri A cross sectional study to assess pranvah strotas dushti lakshan in Post covid patients
4. Priti Patange A cross sectional study to determine bala in security guards with deprivation of nidra due to night shifts
5. Prathama Sane A cross sectional study of raskshay in students giving competitive exams with special reference to atichintan with the help of stress questionnaire
6. Pramod Rathod A cross sectional study to assess lung function capacity in taxi drivers of Mumbai city by using Spirometry
Ongoing phd thesis
Sr.no Student name Thesis name
1. DR. Rajeshwar Ubarhande To study relation between ojovikruti and CD4 count in HIV positive indivuduals – An observational prospective study
2. Dr. Sujata Rajan Use of biomarkers on stress and impact of shirodhara- A open label single arm study
3. DR. Madhavi Howal An observational cross sectional study to assess the adaption of ahar vidhi vidhan amongst apparently healthy volunteers within the age group of 18 to 30 years presenting with kashyapokta aarogyalingani
4. Dr. Bhavin Dubal Effectiveness of padanshik krama method with satvavjaya chikitsa versus nicotine replacement therapy for chewing tobacco cessation: A randomized comparative study
5. Dr. Ajit Daiwekar Association of dietary habits with insulin resistance in different dehaprakruti with special emphasis on adhyashana – An observational case control study
kriya Sharir 2