1 Annexure I: Seat Matrix
2 Annexure II: Infrastructure details
3 Annexure III: Trust Deed / Bylaws / Registration Certificate
4 Annexure IV: Library details
5 Annexure V: Department wise Instruments and Equipment's List as per MSR
6 Annexure VI: Information about Hospital & Department-wise OPD & IPD
7 Annexure VII: Total Teaching Staff Information (Approved + Not approved) as per MSR
8 Annexure VIII: Total Subject-wise Teacher List (Approved + Not approved)
9 Annexure IX: Requirement of an Ayurvedic College Hospital Staff
10 Annexure X: Details of Technical and Other and Additional Ancillary Staff
11 Annexure XI: Information of Biometric Attendance, Research Articles, Student Welfare Schemes
12 Annexure XII: AISHE (All India Survey of Higher Education) Certificate
13 Annexure XIII: Declaration by the Dean / Principal of the College / Institute