Swasthavritta, the part of Ayurveda primarily deals with the preventive aspect of diseases. Today’s changed lifestyle that includes wrong foods habits,

changed sleep pattern, fluctuating climate has led to increase in number of lifestyle disorders. Swasthavritta provides solution for all these in the form of personal hygiene, diet and yoga.

It focuses not only on physical well-being but also on mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.
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Vd. Sheetal Bansode - BAMS. MD (Swasthavritta)

Associate Professor


Vd. Sachin Upalanchiwar - BAMS. MD (Swasthavritta)

Assistant Professor


Vd. Siddhi Nachankar - BAMS. MD (Swasthavritta)

Assistant Professor

  • Lifestyle modification counselling for diseases like obesity, CVD, DM, Thyroid issues, PCOD, etc.
  • Pathya-apathya according to diseases
  • Pathya-apathya aahar according to prakriti.
  • Therapeutic Yoga.
  • Advice on seasonal regimens.
  • Health promotion for enhancing immunity.
  • Stress management.
  • Daily regimens for maintenance of health and prevention of diseases.
  • Lifestyle counselling for geriatric patients.
  • Various projects like counselling and yoga therapy for dementia in geriatric patients, yoga therapy for thyroid disorders, obesity management in school going children and adults are undertaken through this OPD.
  • Monthly around 300 patients are treated on OPD basis.
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Vd. Sheetal Bansode

Associate Professor

1) Role of ashwagandha granules in the management of balsosha.

WJPR (World journal of pharmaceutical Research)

2) Efficacy of yogabhyas in the management of madhumeha w.s.r to niddm(type-2)

IAMJ (International ayurvedic medical journal)

3) To study the efficacy and safety of aharya dravaya (saindhav and ghrita) in the management of functional constipation.

IJAR (Indian journal of applied research)

4) Ayurveda still stand to test the time, with its unique unchanged concepts-single case study

IJSR (International journal of scientific research)

5) Evaluate the efficacy of ashwagandha tail abhyanga in the management of karshya

IJCRT (International journal of creative research thoughts


Vd. Sachin Upalanchiwar

Assistant Professor

1) Exploring insight of shankhprakshalana

IJAAM (International journal of Ayurveda & alternative medicine

2) Role of sarvangasana in hypothyroidism: a review.

WJPR (World journal of pharmaceutical Research)

3) Relevance of yoga through paschmottanasana on type2 diabetes mellitus-a literature review.

WJPR (World journal of pharmaceutical Research)

4) Critical analysis of rasayana activity of dravyas in Ayurveda.

European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences.

5) A review on reheated cooking oils as an aspect of sanskar viruddha.



Vd. Siddhi Nachankar

Assistant Professor

1) A case report on the effectiveness of jalaukavacharan in the management of varicose veins.

WJPR (World journal of pharmaceutical Research)

2) Role of shadbindu tail nasya in vataj pratishaya-a case report.

IJAAR (International journal of applied Ayurveda research)

3) A critical review on air and water pollution with reference to janpadodhvansa and its prevention management according to Ayurveda.

IJRAMS (International journal of research in Ayurveda and medicinal sciences)

4) A review on etiopathological and preventive aspect of amavata.


5) An open clinical trial of chavyadi saktu in the management of sthaulya with special reference to obesity.

IJIM (International journal of Indian medicine)

B) Awards –
1. Vd. Sachin Upalanchiwar –Appreciation Award 2022 for work and performance in various committees of R. A. Podar Medical College (Ayu) by Nature Fit.

Poster Presentation

1. Vd. Pankaj Patil
Role of Swasthavritta in Sthaulya - 1st Prize.

2. Vd. Minal Gurnule
i) Management of lifestyle disorders through ahara- 1st Prize.

3. Role of Ayurveda in management of complications of obesity, dyslipidemia and diabetes - 2nd Prize.

4. PG/PhD courses – PG course

Ongoing PG Thesis –

1. Vd. Pankaj Patil
A single arm open prospective clinical study to elaborate the chakshushya effect Tungdrumadi taila padabhyanga as an upkrama in dincharya w.s.r. to eye strain.

2. Vd. Minal Gurnule
A Randomised Controlled clinical trial to evaluate the add on brumhaniya effect of kashmariphala granules in the management of karshya with special reference to underweight children.

3. Vd. Vishal Aldar
A single arm open prospective clinical trial to assess the effect of bibhitak taila pratimarsha nasya as an upakrama in dincharya in patients of akala palitya.