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Rognidan and Vikruti vigyan deals with the pathophysiology The one which gives pain to body is called roga, Nidana means the factors responsible for producing disease ie. etiological factors the disease. The diagnosis of the disease is also one of the important factors in Rognidan. "The science with describes roga by means of nidana, purvaroopa, roopa, samprapthi,upashaya,anupashaya,and sadhyaasadhyata is called Roganidana and Vikriti Vijnana"

This subject is a very integral part of every clinical subject. It helps to understand the disease(Vyadhi vigyanam) and it’s pathogenesis (Samprapti Vigyan), the science of Clinical examintion methods (Rugna Pariksha Vidhi), sign & symptoms or clinical features of the disease, required investigations(Vyadhi Pariksha Vidhi) and the interpretation of the results. This subject also deals with the prognosis (Sadhya-Asadhyatva) of any disease.
Faculty with Designation

Faculty name



Dr. Santosh G. Girbide

Professor & HOD


Dr. Jyoti V. Meghdambar

Associate professor


Dr. Sandeep D. Kale

Assistant professor


Dr. Pooja R. Singh

Assistant professor

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  • R.A. Podar Medical (Ayu.) College has a full fledge U.G. & P.G. Department in Rognidan consisting of the Student’s Laboratory. The Clinical examination and tests demonstrations are conducted in the wards and the department.
  • P.G. Course M.D. Rognidan is conducted here. Department consists the departmental library for the same. Also the Intra departmental seminar is conducted in the Seminar hall.
  • The P.G. students get posted in the Pathology and Serology laboratory & Biochemistry laboratory of the M.A. Podar Hospital and get well verse with the diagnostic methods used in the patients. Average 1000 tests are performed in the Clinical laboratory per month.
  • Also the department has a new Artificial intelligence based diagnostic technology in use i.e. Nadi Tarangini
  • Nadi Tarangini is a tool for Nadi pariksha and assessment of the patient’s Vikruti at that moment.
  • The Application of Nadi Tarangini with the help of the Nadi port with sensors  assess the Nadi in wave form and then  reports the Nadi gati, guna, etc. Also it recommends the diet and lifestyle changes for that particular reading. Average 150 patients are assessed on this machine per month.
  • P.G. Course (M.D. Rognidan & Vikruti Vigyan) capacity- 3 students per year.