Administrative Staff
Dr. Sampada S. Sant
(Controlling & Head of the Institute)
Shri Narasu R Patil
Administrative Officer
Shri Narasu R. Patil
(Drawing & Disbursing Officer, Head of Administration Office)
Anil Adiwarekar
Shri Anil B. Adiwarekar
( Supervisor of Administrative Office Work)
Head Clerk
  1. Shri Yogesh B. Baviskar
    (Inchare of Establishment Dept)

  2. Smt. Reema Joshi
    (Incharge of Accounts Deptarment)

  3. Anita Kulkarni
    (Incharge of Store Dept.)

  4. Sunil Gaikwad
    (Incharge of UG & PG, PGD Department)
Senior Clerk
  1. Smt Madhavi Kalane
     (Class 1-2 Establishment)

  2. Shri Datta Rane
    (Class 3-4 Establishment)
  1. Smt. Varsha Kadam
    (Class 3-4 Establishment)

  2. Shree Sandip Gurav
    (Cashier – Account Dept.)

  3. Manish Musale
    (Salary, Arrears Bill,Leave Encashment)

  4. Smt. Suchitra Vagal
    (Class 4 Establishment- Inward & Outward)

  5. Shri Bharat Malik
    (UG, PG, Scholarship work of Student Department)

  6. Shri Suryakant Salunke
    (NPS, Medical Bills, LTC, TA on Tour, Maintance of Salary records)

  7. Shri Amar B. Thorat
    (Class 4 Establishment)
  1. Bhaga Bhojane
    (Incharge of Class 4- Mukadam)

  2. Sumedh Shinde
    (UG, PG, Scholarship work)

  3. Harishchandra Chavan
    (Treasury Work)

  4. Umesh Shingade
    (Establishment & Account Work)

  5. Shri Krishnat Nikalje
    (Establisment Work)
Technical Staff
Sr.No Name Designation
1. Shri Hanmant Kshirsagar Librarian
2. Shri. Vikram Karhale Boys Hostel Superintendent
3. Smt. Anagha Patkar Laboratory Technician
4. Shri. Dinesh Pardeshi Laboratory Technician
5. Shri. Pramod Kamble Laboratory Technician
6. Shri. Siddhesh Nar Laboratory Technician
7. Smt. Sujata Mhamunkar Laboratory Technician
8. Smt. Sarika Dabhekar Laboratory Technician
9. Smt. Sayeeda Pirjade Laboratory Technician
10. Smt. Asma Sayyed Shaikh Laboratory Technician
11. Smt. Tabbassum Moulvi Laboratory Technician
12. Shri. Rajendra Nikam Laboratory Technician
13. Shri. Rahul Jadhav Laboratory Technician
14. Shri. Jagan Sable Laboratory Technician
15. Shri. Mahendra Chilliveri Laboratory Technician
16. Shri. Ganesh Goregaonkar Laboratory  Assistant
17. Shri. Bajirao Ghadge Laboratory  Assistant
18. Shri. Narottam Solanki Museum Keeper
19. Shri. Rajendra Mirgal Museum Keeper
20. Shri. Shailesh Rathod Museum Keeper
21. Shri. Ayaan Shaikh Museum Keeper
22. Shri. Nandkumar Niwate Museum Keeper
Group D  Staff
Sr.No Name Designation
1. Shri. Bhaga Bhojane Naik
2. Shri. Uttam  Jadhav Electric Pump Attendent
3. Shri. Krushnat Nikalje Peon
4. Shri. Kisan Kadam Peon
5. Smt. Mrunal Khandare Pharmacy  Servant
6. Shri. Anil Shinde Laboratory Servant
7. Shri. Vikas Verma Laboratory Servant
8. Shri. Sumedh Shinde Laboratory Servant
9. Shri. Ganesh Mukadam Dissection Room Servant
10. Shri. Rahul Janrao Dissection Room Servant
11. Shri Mangesh Yadav Servant
12. Shri. Harishchandra Chavan  Servant
13. Shri. Rajendra Tandyakaran Servant
14. Shri. C. Sakthivel Servant
15. Shri. Veermani Ayyakan Servant
16. Smt. Samrata Kokani Servant
17. Smt Reshma Satpute Servant
18. Shri. Yogesh Jadhav Servant
19. Shri. Umesh Shingade Hostel Servant
20. Shri. Sanjay Gorule Library Servant
21. Shri. Vivek Gole Library Servant
22. Shri. Pramod Gardi Gardener
23. Shri. Gorakh Chorge Gardener
24. Smt. Hira Makwana Sweeper
25. Smt. Hansa Vora Sweeper
26. Smt. Sujata Gole Sweeper
27. Smt. Neeta Purabiya Sweeper
28. Shri. Ashish Bodhare Sweeper
29. Smt. Sonal Waghela Sweeper
Department Overview
  1. First appointment in Government Service
  2. Action against employees not eligible for original appointment
  3. Things to be done after joining the service
  4. Swagram
  5. Group Insurance Scheme Members (GIS)
  6. Completion of probationary period
  7. Family Certificate
  8. Equity and Liability Statements
  9. Seniority List
  10. Promotion in Government Service
  11. Removal of vacancies during service recruitment
  12. Selection List
  13. Bindu nomenclature
  14. Confidential Report
  15. Promotion Committee Meeting (DPC)
  16. Promotion of Class IV employees
  17. Deemed Date
  18. Durability Certificate
  19. No Objection Certificate for issue of passport
  20. Replacement
  21. Deputation
  22. Departmental Enquiry
  23. Appearing for Exams / Completing Courses
  24. Time-barred promotion (12/24 years)
  25. Various Nominations
  26. Retirement of Service
  27. Voluntary Retirement (VRS)
  28. Post Retirement Benefits
  1. Preparation of pay per head of employees (class-2,3,4 and supernumerary posts) [Total employees 264 + 3 (majority of posts) = Payroll of 267 posts]
  2. Making supplementary payments.
  3. Creation of arrears of payment.
  4. Preparation of all payments in respect of dues of retired employees.
  5. Updating information in employee benefit system.
  6. Preparation of Cash Book

  1. Submission of Reimbursement of Medical Expenses
  2. Submitting payment of travel expenses
  3. To take appropriate action regarding DCPS number of new employees.
  4. Updating DCPS Employee Information
  5. Providing feedback regarding PRAN KIT as well as Subsidy and Accounts Office regarding DCPS.
  6. Diwali Preparation of Utsav Advance Payment

  1. To prepare the annual budget of the office for grant
  2. Preparation of program budget
  3. Submitting monthly expenditure objective wise to senior office
  4. Action on Appropriation Accounts
  5. Reconcile monthly expenses
  6. Deduction of income tax
  7. Filing of Income Tax Return
  8. Preparation of Income Tax Forms of Employees
  9. Preparation of supplementary demand proposal
  10. Submitting payment of incidental expenses
  11. Preparation of telephone, electricity and water bill payments
  12. Means of communication with senior office frequently regarding grants

  1. Grant of refunds and deductions under Provident Fund to Class-III and Class-IV employees.
  2. Preparation of final gratuity payment for retired employees
  3. Preparation of payment by submitting proposal of deposit linked scheme to senior office
  4. Maintenance of B&B accounts of class-4 employees
  5. Preparation of payment of service gratuity and provisional pension of retired employees
  6. Preparation of proposal of gratuity of deceased employees applicable of DCPS
  7. Employees appointed to Class-3 from Class-4 Account Number Accountant General of employes Preparation of a proposal to receive from office
  8. Correspondence from time to time with senior office

  1. Purchase of Machinery, Furniture required for the College & Hospital.
  2. Proper storage and distribution of Machinery and Furniture.
  3. Purchase and repair of machines, surgical items, equipment’s required for patient examination.
  4. Entering into an annual maintenance service contract for the equipment purchased for College.
  5. Carrying out procurement process of Machinery, surgical items, equipment’s through Haffkin.
  6. To implement procurement process of Machinery, surgical items, equipment’s through District Annual Plan and State Annual Plan.
  7. Local procurement of essential Machinery and Furniture.
  8. Scrapping of old Machinery, Furniture, instruments etc.
  9. Under the District Annual Plan, making available funds to keep the College efficient and up-to-date, repair and renewal of construction through the Public Works Department.
  10. Purchased of Machinery, equipment’s and processing payments.

  1. UG and PG student admission
  2. UG and PG Examination Work
  3. UG and PG Eligibility Work
  4. UG and PG Examination Centre Work
  5. UG and Theory and Practical Examination Work
  6. UG Scholarship Work
  7. UG and PG Stipend Work
  8. PHD Admission and Eligibility Work
  9. UG and PG Student Various Certificate issued work
  10. UP and PG teacher approval proposal work
  11. UG and PG student complaint redressed work
  12. NCISM and MUHS Visit work