Objectives of Institute of Contemporary Ayurved Research and Education ( I-CARE )
The main aims & objectives of I - CARE shall be :
  1. To conduct extension programmes related to the Science of Ayurveda for increasing the awareness of Ayurveda at National and International level.
  2. To organize such courses which would help the Ayurvedic practitioners to enhance and refresh their knowledge.
  3. To conduct the courses in specialties of Ayurveda so as to enlighten the students and the practitioners of Ayurveda.
  4. To create any such center of excellence for promotion of Ayurveda.
  5. Establishing such laboratories or center, which could undertake research work towards drug standardization including the establishment of animal house, experimental facilities and facilities for drug trials.
  6. Collaborate with other institutions and experts in the other branches of science and medicine, which might help in the purpose of this Society.
  7. To conduct medical projects related to National programmes and health education for the rural areas and for people living below poverty line.
  8. To organize workshops, seminars for various issues of Ayurveda and Medicine.
  9. To promote the utilization of modern knowledge for the advancement of Ayurveda
  10. To publish, print, exhibit and issue, books, pamphlets, posters, periodicals, journals, souvenirs that serve the general principles of this center.
  11. To promote Ayurveda in every form and to encourage the establishment of cultivation, collection and marketing of medicinal plants.
  12. To honour the eminent Scholars which help in the enhancement of the objectives of this center at the National level and also at the International level.
  13. Organizing Medical check-up camps for diagnosis and treatment with Ayurvedic remedies even during the epidemics and other natural calamities.