Podar hospital has a state-of-the-art flagship centre located in the upscale area of worli, Mumbai. The presence of exceptional connectivity, quality social and civil infrastructure and proximity of various commercial entities makes worli a faced paced location from where we have treated over 10,00,000 plus patients in our hospital at Mumbai .

Mumbai is the home to business hubs and industries where lifestyle is really fast. Because of this busy lifestyle parents of children are also busy in their work which causes ignorence towards children. Because of that children are alone at home with television and mobiles increasing chances of Behavioural disorders, lifestyle disorders like obesity, undernutrition in children Busy calendars and unhealthy eating practices are expected to improve cases of chronic disorders like constipation, enuresis, GIT problems and others.
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Consultants in OPD
Dr. Anil Kale, MD and PhD in Kaumarbhritya HOD and Professor
Dr. Shubhangi Thakur, MD Kaumarbhritya and PhD scholar Assistant Professor
Dr. Komal Chavan, MD Kaumarbhritya and PhD Scholar Assistant Professor

These are leading Pediatricians at podar hospital, worli , Mumbai.
All of them are skilled with treating all the above mentioned problems.
Our Speciality
  • Navajata Shishu paricharya  (in IPD and OPD)
  1. Abhyanga (oil massage), Suvarnaprashan, lasikaran (Vaccination)

  • Well baby Clinic
  1. Early detection of Common neonatal problems and counseling .
  2. Assessment of growth and development according to age and early detection of special children like Cerebral palsy,Mental retardation, Autism,ADHD etc.
  3. Importance of breast feeding
  4. complimentary feeding according to age.

  • Panchkarma in special Balroga 
  1. ‌Balpakshaghat
  2. Cerebral palsy
  3. Baldama
  4. Autism
  5. ‌Hyperactivity Disorder
  6. ‌Delayed growth and  development
  7. Skin disorder
  8. ‌worms infestation

  • Special Ayurvedic chikitsa in Balroga 
  1. ‌Recurrent respiratory tract disorder
  2. ‌Malnutrition
  3. ‌Rickets
  4. ‌Constipation

  • School Health camp 
  1. Regularly arranged In 5-14 yrs of age group
  2. Free suvarnaprashan Camp arranged at M A Podar hospital and various schools and also in NGOs.
  3. Free Cerebral Palsy Camp at M A Podar hospital.

  • Activities
  1. ‌Celebrated Children’s day Regular
  2. ‌celebrated Autism awareness Day
  3. ‌ Programme for Nutrition week
  4. ‌ celebration of Breast Feeding week
  5. Counselling of parents according to behaviour disorders

  • Suvarna prashan
  1. Enhances immunity of children upto age of 12 years
  2. Increases intellectual power
  3. Improves appetite and digestion

  • Panchakarma procedures
  1. Snehan(oil massage) swedan(steam bath) basti(enema therapy)
  2. In Cerebral palsy patients, Mental retardation,DMD patients
  3. Shirodhara and Nasya(oil installation in nose) - In ASD, ADHD patients
  4. Jalaukavcharan(Leech therapy) - In skin disorders, psoriasis, dermatitis, Alopecia areata etc.
Dr. Anil Kale

  • Best teacher award By ATA 2018
Total teaching experience-23 years
• Recognized PG Guide; MUHS, Nashik, Guide - 19 MD scholars
• Recognized Ph.D guide; MUHS, Nashik, Guide for- 6 Ph.D. scholars
• Recognized PG Teacher- 15 year; MUHS, Nashik
  • Contributed as an subject expert for a book on Kaumarbhritya by Rashtriya Ayurved Vidyapeeth New Delhi
  • Presently Additional charge as Dean Govt. Ayurved College, Baramati (Contributed in Establishment of new college)
  • In-charge Ayurveda ward Sassoon General Hospital, Pune -01 year
  • Had done PhD in Pediatrics
  • Papers published- upto 30 papers published

Dr. Shubhangi Thakur

  • Papers published- Total 14 papers published
  • Total teaching experience- 14 years
  • PhD scholar

Dr. Komal Chavan

  • Papers published- Total 5 papers published
  • Total teaching experience-2 years
  • PhD scholar