Department of shalakyatantra vibhag
– 20/03/2024
PLACE–M.P Nagar dhorawada vishwakunj society dharavi cross road kamraj school dharavi

Bharatiyay Mahila Federation Comitee netra tapasani camp was arranged at date 20/03/2024at M.P nagar dhorwada vishwakunj society dharavi cross road Mumbai. Camp was organised by Bharatiy Mahila Federation Comitee under Dr. Dudhat mam Dr. swapnil sir. We checked 92 patients in these camp , we did local examination to all patients, vision taken near & distance ,some patients advised fundoscopy under mydriasis for dilatation & fundoscopy also done needed patients .

Some patients vision taken & advised refractions . patients given refraction & given spect frames . Some patients given eye drops & ayurvedic medicines . We see many different patients like conjunctivitis , chalazion , Cataract , pterygium , dry eye ,watering of eye ,refractive error . Some patients advised follow up on OPD for further check up like vision acuity, slit lamp examination, fundoscopy , retinoscopy . some patients advised for surgery like pterygium , chalazion & Cataract at R.A Podar ayurved medical hospital Worli , before surgery all routine & other investigation done & We posted some patients surgeries successfully .If patient required further any treatment which was not possible in OPD.

we had referred the patient to other higher centre. We had explained the importance of some lifestyle changes and some nutritional requirements which is necessary for maintaining the health of the eye. In this way, we had successfully conducted our Netra tapasani shibhir checkup up camp under the guidance of Dr Dudhat mam . Dr. Swapnil sir