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Podar Ayurved Institute

Podar Ayurved Institute includes R.A.Podar Medical College and M.A.Podar Ayurvedic hospital. It was established by an agreement between the donors 'Podar' and the then Govt of Bombay in the last 60 years the institute has reached to the state where it is recognized as the best institute for Ayurved in India. It is still rendering its services to the poor persons in the society and simultaneously spreading the holy knowledge of Ayurved through out the world. It's past is outstanding and future is bright

Podar Ayurvedic College

The institute started conducting the graduation courses under the heading of D.A.S.F. in 1942. In 1971 with C.C.I.M.'s permission B.S.A.M. course was started and the college got the affiliation of 'University of Bombay'. The current B.A.M.S. course was started in 1973 under Bombay University. Every year 60 students get chance to learn 'Ayurved-the science of life' in this prestigious institute. Since 1983 the college is also conducting M.D. / M.S. (post-graduate courses) courses successfully. Almost 20-25 students per year perform there post graduate studies in various subjects like Kayachikitsa, Shalya, Shalakya ;in this oldest institute. It is approved research center for Ph.D. studies in the field of Ayurved.

Podar Ayurvedic Medical Institute

1. R. A. Podar Medical College Admission capacity for

  • BAMS, 60 Undergraduate students
  • M.D(Ay), 25 Postgraduate students
  • Ph. D, 8 Departments recognized by M.U.H.S., Nashik in various disciplines of Ayurved for Doctoral Research

2. M. A. Podar Hospital

  • Patient service
  • Clinical Trials
  • Original/Course oriented research
  • Ethical Committee

3. CRI (Branch of CCRAS)

4. Medicinal Plants Board

Strengths of Podar Institute

  • Located in Mumbai in City Center
  • Affiliated to M.U.H.S., nashik for PG courses
  • Affiliated to M.U.H.S., Nashik for Undergraduate courses
  • Highly qualified staff from all the branches and specializations of Ayurved (12 Departments)
  • Best running Ayurvedic College Hospital with an intake capacity of 210 beds.
  • Experience of Clinical Trials
  • Patronage & Strong Pro-Ayurvedic Govt. of Maharashtra


The institute is situated in the heart of the city, in the Worli area on an area of 6 acres.
The pleasant greenery surrounds the typical old English styled building of the college. The campus consists of college building, library building, hospital building, research wing and with hostel accommodation for boys, girls and hospital staff. The beautiful temple of Lord Dhanvantari enhances the holiness of the campus.

The Library

The library always stands as the replica of the institution. It is true for Podar library also. The library consists of good stock of more than 20000 old and recent books. It also contains original manuscripts and out of print books. It is enriched with latest publications by several international institutes including WHO. It also receives more than 25 national and international periodicals and newspapers based on pharmacology and research to keep the students of this institute update with the latest trends. Its reference desk provides access to more than 100 research thesis done by postgraduate students in this institute. Complete silence is maintained in PG and UG reading rooms to facilitate study. Most important is the helpful and friendly nature of the Library assistants makes the difficult research work easy and pleasant.

The Herbal Garden

Herbal garden is situated in the area of almost 6000 sq.ft. The garden is enriched with several herbs, which are practically used for hospital patients. This garden also contains several distinguishing species of various herbs. Various trees are marked with their common names and basic properties so that layman can also understand the importance of medicinal use of herbs. The central building of Podar, which is, surrounded by the evergreen trees, herbs, and shrubs, makes this institute "Green Island" in the heart of central Mumbai (erstwhile Bombay)

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